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Optimize your city trip with City Passes, saving time and money. Almost every major city offers various options, many including public transportation for convenient and cost-effective travel. Enjoy free access to numerous attractions or benefit from attractive discounts. A City Ticket can be worthwhile in just two days. Compare offers for the best choice. Here, you'll find information on the City Pass for your next city adventure—experience attractions without wasting time and money.

City Pass - Advantages: With City Passes or City Cards, save not only time but also money on your city trip. In almost every major city, various options cover not only entry to top attractions but also provide a public transportation ticket for convenient and affordable city travel. Discover the variety of City Passes and their unbeatable advantages:

Free Entry & Free Ride: Benefit from advantages such as free entry to attractions or attractive discounts. A City Pass allows you to experience the fascination of the city without straining your budget. Additionally, public transportation use (bus, train, etc.) is often included.

Save Time, Save Money: Skip the hassle of queues at many attractions, saving both time and money with the City Pass.

Optimal Travel Planning: A City Ticket can be worthwhile in just two days. Compare offers to find the pass that suits your needs perfectly. Here, you'll get all the information to optimize the use of your City Pass for your next city trip. Visit attractions without waiting and maximize your experience.

City Pass - Your Key to Relaxation and Discovery: Plan your city trip with a City Pass to benefit from numerous advantages. Free entry to attractions, complimentary use of public transportation, and skipping queues not only save money but also precious vacation time. Discover the ease of travel and explore cities worldwide with our partner City Passes.