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Empire State Building

Empire State Building, New York
View from the skyscraper (Empire State Building)

On the southern edge of New York’s Midtown Manhattan on Fifth Avenue, you’ll find the Empire State Building, one of New York’s top landmarks. At around 443 meters (to the top of the antenna) it was New York’s tallest building for a long time. Here you will find information about the building and about your visit.

Empire State Building | Skyscrapers in Manhattan New York

Would you like to see New York from above, from lofty heights? You have the option at the Empire State Building in New York City Manhattan. From the 86th floor you have an incredible fantastic view of the city. With a structural height of 381 meters, the building has long been the tallest in the city and even the world. If you measure to the top of the antenna, it is even around 443 meters. It was later replaced by the World Trade Center and then by the successor One World Trade Center as the tallest building in New York.

The construction time of the building is also remarkable: It was built from 1930 to 1931 – that is, in just 2 years. By the way: The Empire State Building has been the focus of countless Hollywood films. The best known is probably the film “King Kong”, which also has a place of honor in the building. The building was also used in the films “Independence Day” and “Taxi Driver”.

Architecture of the Empire State Building

The building consists mainly of steel constructions, which were carried one on top of the other floor by floor. In addition to the Chrysler Building, it is also part of the Art Deco architectural style. The facade consists of limestone and granite, which were used in the construction of the steel frame.

The main block extends up to the 86th floor (320 meters). This tapers upwards again and again through slight recesses, which gives the building its characteristic shape. The first viewing platform is on the 86th floor. This is followed by a 16-storey, slim tower. This is mainly used for the operation of transmission systems. The roof of the Empire State Building finally follows above the 102nd floor. This is 381 meters high and ends with the building’s 62 meter high antenna.

Observation decks and exhibits in the Empire State Building

The building has the most visitors every year after Times Square. Around 3.5 million people visit the building with its two viewing platforms, which are also known as the observation deck. The lighting in the building also makes it special. The tip shines in different colors every day. In addition to the viewing platforms, you can also visit exhibitions in the building. They are dedicated to the construction, construction, opening of the building and other areas such as celebrities who visited the building or the landscape drawing of New York by the famous British artist Stephen Wiltshir.

When you visit it, make sure that the visibility is good beforehand. Otherwise, first visit one of the many other sights in New York and then catch up on the visit.


Empire State Building, New York
Empire State Building in New York


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