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Pantheon, Rom
Pantheon in Rome

One of the most famous sights in Rome is the Pantheon. This ancient building in Rome, which has been consecrated as a church, is particularly known for the vaulted rotunda of 43.30 m. For a long time, the dome was – measured by its inner diameter – the largest dome in the world. It is one of the best preserved structures from Roman antiquity. The sight is one of the most important tourist destinations in Rome.

Pantheon – temple

The Pantheon was built on the Field of Mars (Campo Marzio) as early as 125 AD. Originally it was probably built as a temple for all gods. This is due to the name, which is composed of the Greek pan (= “all”) and théos (= “gods”). Only later – probably around the year 609 – was the temple converted into a Christian church. The consecration took place as Sancta Maria ad Martyres.


Dome of the Pantheon

The dome of the Pantheon is an architectural masterpiece and was a model for many later buildings. Among other things, it was the template for the dome in St. Peter’s Basilica. The sky is supposed to symbolize and the opening above the sun or the connection to the stars. The dome has a diameter of approx. 43 meters. Since the interior is as high as it is wide, the dome, conceived as a complete sphere, would touch the ground. It is also one of the oldest large concrete structures in the world. The large hemispherical dome was cast in one piece with the help of gigantic wooden cladding. The Romans used a cement-like mortar and small-hewn bricks and stones for the foundry.

The round opening in the top of the dome has a diameter of 9 m and serves as a light source.

The Pantheon should be visited just to look into the dome.

Pantheon, Rom
Pantheon in Rome (Dome)


Piazza della Rotonda, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

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