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Ice Pub Prague

Ice Bar Prag, Prag, ICe Pub Prag, Sehenswürdigkeiten
Ice Pub Prague

A special attraction in Prague’s nightlife is the Ice Pub Prague. This small pub, entirely made of ice, is part of the largest music club in Central Europe – Karlovy Lázně. The Ice Pub provides a unique entry into the nightlife and is particularly popular among young tourists.

Ice Pub Prague – minus 7° degrees in summer

Located near the Charles Bridge, the Ice Bar or Ice Pub Prague offers a unique experience in an environment entirely made of ice. From the walls to the bar, tables, and glasses, everything in the bar is icy cold. The temperature inside is an impressive minus 7 degrees Celsius, making this experience truly special.

Despite the low temperatures, Ice Pub Prague is a popular meeting point, especially for young tourists. Visiting the Ice Bar can be ideally combined with entering the nightlife, as it is an integral part of the largest music club in Central Europe, Karlovy Lázně. After experiencing the icy atmosphere of the bar, you can look forward to the musical sounds and vibrant atmosphere of the Karlovy Lázně Club to continue your evening in Prague.


5, Novotného lávka 200, Staré Město, 110 00 Praha, Czech Republic

Opening Hours

January – December, every day 12:00 to 05:00

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