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Beer Spa Prague

Bier Bad, Beer Spa, Prag
Beer Spa Prague

Prague not only offers cultural attractions but also relaxing highlights like the Beer Spa Prague. Czech beer is internationally renowned, and several providers create a laid-back atmosphere in a beer bath. Many of these establishments offer not only beer baths but also massages, saunas, and, of course, fresh beer for the guests. Seize the opportunity to combine your visit to Prague with a Beer Spa and relax during your vacation.

Beer Spa Prague | Pure Relaxation

A city trip doesn’t have to consist solely of sightseeing but can also provide relaxation and variety. A Beer Spa is a popular way to achieve that, and Prague has several providers, including the well-known Bernard Beer Spa in the vaults of the Majestic Plaza Hotel in the city center.

Beer baths have their origins in the Middle Ages and are considered a medical procedure that cleanses the pores, promotes pulmonary circulation, regenerates skin and hair, and invigorates the nervous system. It is essential to maintain the right temperature, duration, and the appropriate ratio of ingredients to achieve maximum health benefits. The bathing experience takes place in special tubs and is supervised by professional staff. The duration is about one hour, while the Beer Massage takes half an hour longer. At the end of the refreshing visit, you receive a bottle of Bernard Beer with a historic seal and a completion certificate.

This private treatment experience in a unique Beer Spa Prague offers high-quality ingredients, limited beer for tapping directly at the tub, and a heated bed for recovery. Combining it with a massage is highly recommended for an all-around relaxed experience.


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